Unfortunately, with the rise in the levels of excitement over Helium mining, there has also been a massive problem with scammers. Helium mining is so simple, anyone can do it. So unfortunately, people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies and/or the internet are losing their money in droves. This page aims to highlight the different scams to be watching out for.


Always go to the site at to get the website addresses of AUTHORISED resellers and manufacturers of the different miners. Scammers will register websites with cheap suffixes like etc which are almost identical in every way to the original REAL website. Only difference is, you’ll be sending your money to a black hole never to be seen again. If you pay by crypto (as most of these sites only accept) there is no comebacks. Always be sceptical if a website offers miners WAY cheaper than anywhere else, and if they have tons of stock (considering they can’t make units fast enough at the moment, these guys are highly unlikely to somehow have hundreds in stock)


Telegram is a playground for scammers. They can be extremely clever and even make fake groups claiming to the OFFICIAL Helium telegrams, or official manufacturer chatrooms. They’ll get your trust (usually by filling the room with other scammers who are in on the con to act like satisfied customers) and then steal your cash.

3. CLOUD MINING (Helium Bar)

This scam was interesting and worth mentioning. As the saying goes “if something seems too good to be true, it usually is”. Helium Bar claimed to sell yearly miner rental plans for $700+. The idea was that you rented one of their miners that somehow were already in place in prime locations in Germany on the Freifunk network. Now the question was….why would they rent out miners instead of just mining themselves? other cloud mining companies offer these plans to pay for the electricity bills but Helium miners use next to none. Then there was the fact they claimed to be German yet were based in Saudi Arabia. They told you nothing about where ur miners were located or if they even existed. They had no phone numbers and were completely untraceable. They stole $5million before vanishing.

4. ) HELIUM EUROPE (Telegram and “Jorge”)

The Helium telegram group is the only official one. Recently there have been localised ones appearing which are FAKE and ran by scammers. The most notorious (which I got suckered into myself) was Helium Europe. Ran by a man calling himself “Jorge” and promoting sellers in the group who all turned out to be him. If something sounds too good to be true….