Helium Europe Telegram Scam

(Please note the featured image is NOT the scammer but the image he stole to pose as “Jorge”)

Recently the scams involving Helium Miner sales has ramped up considerably. A group appeared a month or two back called “Helium Official Europe Telegram”. Admin was a man named “Jorge”……

I fell for this scam myself because, I have to accept, this scammer was smart and I have to at least respect how much work he put into it. Jorge was the admin. Well spoken, answered everyone’s questions and had good discussion with the group over Helium issues. Randomly a guy would appear under the username “HNT_MINER_SALES” and he claimed to be selling miners in bulk (yeah right). Of course because we’d all grown as a community and had begun to trust Jorge, a few of us said what the hell.

The HNT sales user was well spoken. Had decent conversation with him over everything. I parted with $650 expecting to lose it but I really didn’t think I had much to worry about. He said he believed in Karma etc (basically a thief without morals). Other people in the group who’d also been involved in heavy discussions over the past month were praising Jorge and the sellers (even showing unboxing videos). Of course now it looks like they were all Jorge (whoever Jorge is, tho from my investigation it looks like a group of Saudis).

When people started to call bull they were blocked. All the users reviewing the sellers I quite believe were all the same scammer. They all disappeared at exactly the same time (Moh, Dan, Juan, Jorge, HNT_MINER_SALES and ANTRATEK)

The truth is NEVER buy something off telegram sellers unless u can pay with paypal or something in escrow. They’ll quickly disappear if you refuse to send crypto.

I did a google search and found the image JORGE was using is of Krzysztof Taraszka, an iOt expert off github. Always use GOOGLE REVERSE IMAGE search on a suspected scammer’s profile picture…it’ll save u a lot of heartache

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