Helium.bar Rugs With Over $5m

We all knew it was probably going to….but we all got greedy I guess. Helium Bar, the website claiming to have miners scattered all over the world ready to be rented……didn’t have any. The website looked shoddy, the contacts barely spoke English. There was no phone numbers. They were a month old. They didn’t tell anyone where their miners were located….but still….the promise of 1.5 HNT a day for just a measly $900 outlay for a whole year was too seductive to resist.

Some people went crazy and piled in hundreds of thousands of dollars. As scummy as the scammers are, they have to be commended for being clever enough to take advantage of such an opportunity. Miners are like gold dust at the moment and everyone wants a slice of the HNT pie. Nobody dared ask why the website NEEDED anyone to rent the miners when they cost less than a lightbulb to run.

Allegedly the scammers made off with over $5 million. A harsh lesson. With a haul like that, they’ll appear again later down the line I have no doubt. Fool me once…..

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